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Deep Thoughts

My mind is going a million miles per hour. I had so much stability at my job and now it's all gone. I became an advocate for the army wounded warrior program when I was 24 years old. That job gave me a purpose. I wanted to help other military families so that they wouldn't have to face what I did. That journey of 9 years has come to an end. It's scary to move forward and not know what's behind the new doors. What I do know is that there comes a time when your heart and passion are no longer in the things we were once comfortable with; or even the things we once prayed for. I know that I shouldn't be afraid or even worried because I serve a big God who provides and comforts me. However, my thoughts sometimes get the best of me. I do know that what is to come is my God given purpose and not my own. I must have faith and move forward because this will be another testimony of my faith. All these things are what makes a great story and that makes me excited.


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