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A native from Costa Rica, Laura Castillo was raised in Bridgeport, CT. She comes from very humble beginnings where the family didn't have much except for a lot of love and strong family bonds. Influenced by the wrong crowd, she spent time in a juvenile detention facility. After promising the judge that she will change her ways; she was released and started her life's journey. She became pregnant at 14 years old and decided to give that young life a chance. Her daughter: Destiny motivated Laura to be a good role model and she started to excel. She started working with her community to prevent teen pregnancy and even testified at the legislative office to expand young parent programs. She received a Milford Star of Respect award in 2003. Laura graduated highschool with honors. Laura later married a United States soldier and had hopeful dreams that her life would become stable. She was faced with many challenges to include her husband being injured in Iraq. Laura learned what war was about, and the difficulties that come with being a military spouse. After fighting for the stability of her marriage; she became an advocate for the army wounded warrior program where she has helped hundreds of military families across the tri-state area. Many adversities took a toll on Laura as a woman. However, she has persevered, reached the American Dream and now wants to help women reach above the stars. Laura believes that it is her faith in God that has allowed her to become an over-comer, warrior, survivor and more than a conqueror. She believes that all human beings should see themselves the way her Heavenly Father does. All glory is his!

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