Rising from the ashes of War,  tours over seas in countries like Aftghanistan, and Iraq. Comes a true American Hero. SHY -TLR.
Before serving our Great Nation, Shy was instrumental with his part in groups Mi Mayor,  TLR, The Latin Rythm, that included son of Timbales Legend, Tito Puente, Tito Puente, Jr. From there SHY was off with his big brother as an occasional stand in for the group The Nasty Boyz. 
After taking a break from his singing career to make sure we're free here in America with his service, now a NYC Police Officer, Shy returned upon the scene in 2015 with brand new Freestyle Heat with "Will You Be The One" & "He Can't Love You"..These songs all built a nice little buzz, as he hit the road with fellow artist and was able to build his brand in dance music. 

Which brings us to today, where Shy has come up with the hottest song in Freestyle, "With All My Heart". Straight fire, right out the gate, he's already sold 500 CD's, Maxi singles, in a digital Age. He's now killing the stage with his crew, and the demand is fast and furious for this Green Eyed War Hero, turned Freestyle Music Sensation. The best is yet to come for SHY.