Laura Castillo is an author, motivational speaker, podcast host, and founder of Lipstick Lounge Ministries.
Laura is a graduate from Argosy University where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Laura has a passion for working with individuals facing adversities
and challenges as she has overcome many herself.
Born in Costa Rica, Laura immigrated with her family at the age of 4. The family resided in Bridgeport, CT. Laura comes from very humbling beginnings and understood
from a very young age that one must work hard and persevere to accomplish the American Dream. However, that does not leave one exempt from challenges.
At the age of 12, Laura was incarcerated in a Juvenile Detention Center, as she was a rebellious teen trying to find direction. Laura became a teen mother at the age
of 15 and believes that is where her life changed for the better. Laura named her daughter Destiny as she believed that nothing happens by chance. Laura graduated
high school with honors, became an advocate against teen pregnancy, testified at the legislative office in Hartford, CT to expand young parent programs in that region,
and received the Milford Star of Respect award in 2003. Laura married a Soldier in 2005, and birthed two boys whom she says are her pride and joy. In 2007,


Laura's husband was injured at war. Once again, Laura did not become defeated by the new challenges, and became an Advocate for the Army Wounded Warrior Programwhere she helped hundreds of military families in the tri-state region by providing personalized support, services, and providing resources to ensure that allSoldiers and their families have a great transition back to civilian life, and a prosperous future. Laura became an author in 2017, where she self published"Perfectly Unstable; Surviving Love and War" where she talks about the challenges she has experienced within her marriage, and how her faith has kept her familytogether and always evolving. Laura believes in families, marriages, and believes that with God all things are possible.Laura has worked with children and families who are at risk of going into the foster care system, as well as individuals who suffer from various mental healthdisabilities. Laura hopes that with her guidance and support, others can stand on their own two feet and become contributing members of our societies.Laura is a motivational speaker where she speaks from the heart and her delivery will make you believe that like her, you too can reach the stars.Laura is a firm believer of when life hands you lemons; you make lemonade!

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